Wood n'Earth Fairies

Summer/Fall 2013

Fashion/Styling: Martin Jascur

Photographer: Gabriel Hill

Make-up/Hair: Kathleen Raupach

Model: V. @ Biba Model Management & Dennis Schuster

Retouching: Nina Stephanie Yoon

Golden sunshine-rays on the lit up of the forest's crown. Dancing, flickering, and glimmering. That is how Father Forrest continuously changes his face from ‘Dark and Mysterious’ to ‘Shrill and Piercing’. He keeps the wisdom of the olden times and tends to ghosts of the ages. Safe-kept in the holy halls of Flora and Fauna. That places shines in the lushness and the ‘joie de vivre’, which marks the top of the year; adorned in Samhain’s time, dressed in red, gold, and orange. Creatures are waking from timeless rest in their secret niches. They are there, still out of reach, like a light fog on a pumpkin patch. They appear, only to disappear again and to leave behind a sprinkle of magic. They sometimes open their facettes and allow a sneak a peak on soul's beauty. A combination between harmony and untouched nature. Paradise in autumn. Brown, cream, and ecru, and the shapes of nature. I dedicate this collection to my favourite season, autumn. I still get impressed, every year, by its full splendor of colour and perfection. The long trunks of the trees with their outflowing roots. The berries with their perfect skins. The texture of the bark, and how the flower blossoms offer up their last bit of beauty. These are the most beautiful templates sought out in the fabric and as such cold flow in the language of my fashion. This collection is also built on the question: "If fairies and elves would transform into the female form, how much of their own nature would remain?". In this sense, I designed this collection to create a line for the other world and their souls. People who like fairies will adore ‘Wood n’Earth Fairies, as it will awaken dreams.