Sons of Paddė I

Summer/Fall 2016

Fashion/Styling: Martin Jascur

Photographer: Marcello Keller

Make-up: Giada Marina Giorgio

Models: Benjamin Eberhardt, Manuel Palčec, Jeremy Tschurtenthaler, Silvio Cattini, André Dumas

After the collection "Ladies of Atlantis", I've created a new one called "Sons of Padde", where I specifically focused on research about concept art. I wanted to combine this art style with Fashion-design. My aim was (and still is) to stimulate the observer's imagination through a mix of printed images on fabrics, in combination with design and cut arts.

Every collection, is like a pilgrimage, that has to be undertaken. In this case it's a journey into the past of my creative career. I realized this vision in cooperation with my partner and concept artist Flavio Bolla. Our idea wasn't to create a fantasy world, but to show how to bring concept art and the real world together.