Modern Divas

Spring/Summer 2008

Fashion/Styling: Martin Jascur

Photographer: Pablo Wünsch Blanco

Make-up & Hair: Melanie Salvisberg

Models: Barbara Morgenthaler, Huong Hyen, Deborah Marceli

Floating, wavy and defined by precise shapes - this is how the collection Modern Divas has came into being. It stands for modernity, wildness, staginess and the lust for life. The clothes are based upon two pattern principles: The body's own cut and the shape of a circle. The undergarments adapt to the body and highlight it. The colour combinations are colorful and can always develop new facets by changing the combination of the looks. The circle as a cut can be used as a dress, tunic, skirt or coat. Living in the limelight and irrespective of your social environment, that is what Modern Divas stands for. No matter whether in the office, at a party or in the dining room - there is a diva in every woman and it's time for her to wake up.