Little Red Riding Hood meets The Evil Queen

Fall/Winter 12/13

Fashion/Styling: Martin Jascur

Photographer: Gabriel Hill

Make-up: Rabecca B. Vionnet

Model: Marica Helga Mickel

Retouching: Nina Stephanie Yoon

This collection is about the game between innocence and sensuality. The pattern are risky, playful and are changing from long to short. The wearer appears as a pure innocence, but the next moment she will entchanting the viewer as a dark beauty. Small and playful elements like collars, hats and purses are completing this look. Even the bow on the pumps seems like an invitation to explore more of the secrets behind the collection, made out of silk, brocade and wool. Red as blood, black as ebony and white as snow - these are the colors of a collection for women who love to play with the fire and who are not afraid of loosing the sight of their own way.