Ladies of Atlantis

Fall/Winter 15/16

Fashion/Styling: Martin Jascur

Photographer: Marcello Keller

Make-up: Vanessa Cisullo

Model: Jesica Martinez

The question of modernity in the focus is about self-acceptance and the female beauty in every life's facets. The dresses are combinable and cover different moments in a woman's day - lifestyle, business and festive occasions. How to combine these various pieces is a personal choice.


The image (above), inspired by the strong and femininity of the Minoan culture, has then been mixed up with a fighter from a fantasy world. Beautiful and feminine, powerful and self-confident.


I see fashion as an opportunity to reopen old, closed doors. What once has been mundane can nowadays be translated as scandalous.


I wanted to show women in a different light. She is not hiding, can carry her body with acceptance. What causes discomfort in an observer, shows us how unfamiliar the naturalness of a body and its presentation can be today. It is regarded to break this perspective and rearrange it. Courage and also the illusion of the fantasy world may help to redefine these aspects and to shape them subtly. My way to Atlantis has begun.