Court Construction

Fall/Winter 14/15

Fashion/Styling: Martin Jascur

Hatpieces: Amina Jael Tanner

Photographer: Marcello Keller

Make-up: Giada Marina Giorgio

Model: Marica Helga Mickel

I've ended the season cycles with a winter collection that leads on a path along snow covered courtyards and shining palaces with silver, leather, and black fabrics. We find ourselves in the last winter before the French Revolution (1789) - when the Late Baroque already longed for the earnestness of the situation.  Fashion, hair, and style have developed into a grotesque mixture of artistic construction and overloaded world alienation. Form enhancing volume has remained, but the flowing fabrics have given way to a clear, nocturnal cut and defined lines. Silver and black symbolize the uprising military, in which the feminine main character becomes the queen that stands between luxury, politics and defeats. 


*This collection has been presented at an event called "Klang Basel" in September 2016, where an orchestra played Vivaldi's "Four seasons" - with a main focus on the winter-season.