Coming Home

FallWinter 11/12

Fashion/Styling: Martin Jascur

Photographer: Barbara Sorg

Make-up: Katerina Kanaschkina 

Model: Sira Topic 

Assistant: Marc Hirschfeld & Andrej Polishchuk

Reflections on the past sets us in motion. What once was frowned upon, is now important again and many women takes upon this relict: The weapon of femininity. It's not about pretending to be a fool, but to radiate strength and exclusivity, then what is unattainable and unearthly is eagerly worshipped.

"Coming home" is a tribute to strong women and their grandeur. Even if everything around us falls into dust, they are divine and do not surrender themselves to their fate but outlast with attitude and will.


Fine fabrics such as springwool, wool bouclé, silk, feathers and fur are the raw material for cuts, which helps a woman to the new fit. Attitude, walk and feelings, rub of unto the Lady while wearing the dresses. The result is a sensual game between femininity, strength and the stimulation of senses. Curves are permitted and highlighted. Charming accessories evoke a passionate game.