Fall/Winter 08/09

Fashion/Styling: Martin Jascur

Photographer: Barbara Sorg

Make-up & Hair: Christian Oliver Merz

Models: Véronique Weber, Barbara Morgenthaler, Marica Helga Mickel, Cinthia Scossa, Sara Lehmann

ATT is a collection, which is a critical review of fashion and its idealised appearance. The female fashion reinvents itself every decade through their cunstruction, materiality and styling. At this point a futuristic game of female shapes has arisen which is focused on the female curves - though not by lacing, but by the art of padding. The volumes are placed on the body in monotone shapes and convey pure womanliness. The mono bust is placed very high, changes the wearers posture and appears direct and strong. The material flatters the body but at the same time it makes it difficult to touch the woman. The main material is a wool fabric of horsehair (an interlining for suits) and was combined with fine lace, yellow leather and wool crèpe. These combination of materials highlights the tight cut and maintains the organic shape. Clothing and accessories are very controlled, but do not loosing their playfulness and arouses the male interest in what he thinks he already knows.