Fashion/Styling: Martin Jascur

Photographer: Barbara Sorg

Make-up & Hair: Martin Jascur

Model: Marica Helga Mickel

Collection 1.13/16.13 (a.m./p.m.) begins in the early morning and ends late at night.

It is the interplay of a nightdress from the turn of 1900 and a mathematical formula, developed by myself. They are merged and continuously re-interpreted. Easiness combined with sensual loosness gently caresses and apparitionally shapes the body, but gives a very representive look to it at the same time.


I was working day and night in creating this illusion.

The various possibilities of refinement of a basic cut brouht to perfection with an algebraic code system opened a door to a rich playground full of variety that made my collection comes alive.

This is how 1.13/16.13 stands for a step forward.