From feltparrots to international Design


I've developed a fascination for cuts and materials already in elementary school.


I worked with needle and thread for the very first time as a little boy during Mrs. Rumpel's handwork lessons, where we had to sew felt-parrots. From this moment on, I have never put down these tools again.


Despite my passion for the fashion world and the affinity for the art of cutting,  I took a different education-path and graduated in retail. This valuable experience has then been used as a base for some further steps in my professional life.


I've nearly started a new life with the admission to the Institute of  Fashion-Design, FHNW, in Basel - at the age of 26 years. After three and a half years of Bachelor-studies, I successfully graduated. A further step later on was to be independent as designer and for this purpose I've created my own label.


In February 2017, I successfully completed my Master of Arts in Fashion-Design.



Certificate                                                                                             Placement

Studium an der FHNW, HGK

IMD, Bachelor of

Industrial Design (Fashion)

01.04.2003 - 30.06.2004


Swiss final of the

Triumph inspiration award

(TIA) 2008

15.07.2009 31.07.2009,


entre nous, Beata Sievi,


VPL, Viktoria Bartlett, 

01. 10. 08- 12. 02. 09

New York